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Working principle and application scope of air filter element

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 4

The air filter element is a very easy-to-use filter element, which can effectively remove dust and impurities in the air, so as to provide a comfortable and healthy living environment. Before using the filter element, you need to know its instructions and working principle, which can help you better use it and understand its scope of use. Let's introduce the working principle and application scope of air filter element. Let's have a look.

What is the working principle of the air filter element?

1. The technical keys to the removal of particulate matter in the air include mechanical equipment filtration, adsorption, electrostatic precipitator, air anion and plasma technology, electrostatic induction electret filtration, etc.

2. Generally, the key of mechanical equipment filtration is to capture particles according to the following three methods: immediate blocking, inertial force impact and Brownian external diffusion principle. It has a very good effect on the collection of fine particles, but the air resistance is large.

3. Adsorption is the use of large areas of raw materials and porous materials to capture particulate pollutants, which is very easy to block, and the actual effect of removing vapor pollutants is more obvious.

4. Electrostatic precipitator is a dust removal method that uses high-voltage electric field to make the vapor weak electrolyte, so as to induce fine particles to be electrified and charged to the electric level. Although its air resistance is small, it has poor actual effect on collecting large particles and chemical fibers.

5. The principle of removing particulate pollutants in the room by air anion and plasma technology is similar. It is all based on the induction electrification of particles in the air, the coalescer produces large particles and the foundation settlement.

6. Electrostatic induction electret filtration can reasonably isolate particulate pollutants in the air, such as smoke, dust, dandruff, bee pollen, bacteria, etc. in addition, the extremely low characteristic impedance ensures the smooth operation of central air conditioning and the actual effect of refrigeration.

What is the application scope of air filter element?

1. Housing sales market

Because of the continuous improvement of people's requirements on the quality of life, the original air filtration system software of the house can no longer consider everyone's needs, and the electrostatic induction filter with higher characteristics has become a substitute for the original air filter.

2. Use of office buildings

It is stipulated that the driving force to improve the air quality of the company's office is the extensive use of excellent office supplies. The computer terminal is the source of reactive oxygen species and volatile organic matter. Color printers are sources of nitrogen oxides and reactive oxygen species.

3. Air and oil fume purification in the room

With the increasingly stringent residential building standards, customers pay more and more attention to the air quality in the room. In particular, people suffering from allergic symptoms, asthma or respiratory diseases endanger all their normal daily lives due to air pollution.

4. Manufacturing plant

Different factories have very different regulations on air quality. Factories equipped with smoke hoods and environmental pollution control systems must fill a lot of air, so before filling the air all over the workplace, it must be considered first.

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