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Long Arm Sewing Machine

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Long Arm Sewing Machine
Long Arm Sewing Machine
Long Arm Sewing Machine

Long Arm Sewing Machine

1. Automatic feeding: including photoelectric monitoring and braking devices the photoelectric monitoring device ensures the cloth feeding in the right variation with the sewing speed.
2. Automatic sewing:sewing speed: 7~10m/min.the sewing speed is adjustable for different types of cloth and sewing threads. included is also needle cold air blowing unit. and nonwoven guiding unit and so on.
3. Storage: sewn bags are stored here to ensure foregoing sewing not interfering with successive cutting off and material shoving.
4.Automatic metering and cross cutting:the set the length of bag.
4.Main control unit:comprises programmable logic controller (PLC) for pneumatic element.inverters and photocells. To ensure coordinated and automatic operation of the overall system, with production display of the day Key components adopt products from US ,German.
1. material automatic feeding.2. automatic sewing storage.3. automatic metering4. cross cutting as well 5. main control unit.

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1. Max sewing speed: 1800 rpm

2. Needle bar stroke: 33.6 mm

3. Needle gauge: 12 mm (or as your requirement.)

4. Bed size in dia: 80 mm

5. Working space: 80mm* 110mm

6. Thread take-up lever stroke: 60mm

The system adopts speed motors so the speed can always be adjusted. It also uses large-screen LCD Monitor. Remote control of the entire operation.


Filter bags can be used for industrial filtration, product filtration, solid/liquid separation like:

- Asphalt mixing plants

- Biomass power stations

- Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

- High temperature dedusting

- Coal-fired power stations

- Food industry

- Non-ferrous metal and steel production

- Cement, gypsum and lime industry

- Thermal waste treatment


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