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HEPA Filters For Household Use

HEPA Filters For Household Use


New Design Portable Home Remove Smog PM2.5 H13 Office HEPA Filter Air Purifier

1.HEPA filter +Carbon filter

2.PM 2.5 CADR ≥200m³ /H

3.Rated voltage: AC100 ~ 240 V- 50/60 HZ

4.Rated power: 50W

5.Size :330*185*550mm

6.Three level fan speed

7.Notification function for replacing filter

8.Timing function (2.4.8 hours)

9.Sleeping working mode

10.Keywoords: Air purifiers, Air purifier, Air cleaner, Luftreiniger, Air purifiers, Air freshener, Purificador de aire, Pembersih udara, Purificatore d'aria, Luftrenser, Luftrenare, Purificador de ar, Filtro de ar

High Efficiency                      Ultraviolet ray is adopted for physical disinfection, non-toxic, no residues, no odor, no second pollution. High-efficient purification
Easy Sleephis air purifier meets strict quality and performance requirements. Low noise makes your sleep easy and worry-free
Widely ApplicableSuitable for home, office, hotel, restaurant, club, automobile and more

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