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Industrial Air Filter Machines

Industrial Air Filter Machines


Selection parameters and principles

(1) The main technical parameters for selecting a bag filter are air volume, gas temperature, dust concentration, and humidity. According to the highest values of air volume, gas temperature, and dust concentration in the process design, the corresponding dust collector model is the required dust collector model based on the principle of slightly less than the values in the technical performance table

(2) The gas consumption in the table is the situation when the factory provides centralized gas supply. If an air compressor is used alone, the gas consumption in the table should be increased by 1.5 times.

(3) In the column of compressed air consumption, the proposed air consumption is the maximum air consumption of the equipment model.

Specification parameters
Total filtration area (㎡)     20293952647796120145195
Filtration velocity (m/min)1-1.51-1.51-1.51-1.51-1.51-1.51-1.51-1.5  1-1.51-1.5
Processing air volume (m³/h) 500-2400    2400-3400   3400-4400   4400-5400   5400-7400   6400-7400   8400-9400   9400-11400   11400-13400   13400-16400   
Number of filter bags (pcs))243648648096120150180240
Gas consumption quantity (m³/min)  0. 0320. 0480. 0640. 080. 080. 10.20. 250. 350.4
Motor model power (kw)2.22.2345.57.5111518.522
Number of pulse valves 468881212151824

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