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Pocket Filter Air Filter Raw Material Roll

Pocket Filter Air Filter Raw Material Roll


air filter material---- pocket filter material
This media is adopted of high-quality super-fine melting-sprayed bonded synthetic fiber with gradual increased density and high toughness, so as to avoid leakage and breakage when at high air pressure. Besides, inside bag is adopted of unique support design to ensure the stable and excellent filtration effect.It is used in air condition systems area, such as commercial building, warehouse, schools, labs etc. 


There is no organic silicon so that media can be used in spray booth.  
The non-creature active filter bag ensures no microbes exist.
Temperature retardance is up to 80°C.
High moisture-resistance with 100%RH.
Accord with Europe DIN53438-F1 and American UL900
High dust holding capacity, high efficiency, low pressure drop can filter the dust ( ≥5.0μm particles at 40%-60%) and microbes.
Flame retardance accords with DIN53558.
F1 Non-flammability standard.
Temperature resistance: ≤100°C
Numerous bags are available according to different air flow.
Galvanized and aluminum alloy frames for choices.
Class: G3-F8
Belonging catagory: air filter and hepa filter
Glass fiber, synthetic fiber and nonwoven fabric can be air filter material


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