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Cartridge Housing Filtration

Cartridge Housing Filtration


Light Cartridge Filter housing / multi-core high flow filter housing”

Multi-cartridge high flow filter housing ranges from 9 cartridges to 100 cartridges. The length of cartridges is 20”, 30”, 40” and 50”. A variety of cartridge filter housing is available. Adopting unique swing bolt with spring lid assistant.

Cartridge filter housing is suitable to install with both double open ends cartridge and single open end 222 cartridge. It has a unique Hooping & quick opening design. It’s easy to open, close, manipulate and maintain.

Inlet / outlet:

2 "NPT cable, ANSI, JIS and DIN flanges.

O-ring material:

P-rubber, EPDM, Fluor elastomers, PTFE etc.

Surface finishing:

Grit blast, mechanical polishing, and electrolytic polishing.

Light Cartridge Filter specifications:

.3 core

.5 core,

.7core cartridge length of 20 inches


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