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Analysis of materials commonly used in blast furnace dust bag

Time : 2023-12-12 Hits : 5

The blast furnace dust removal bag is a filter bag used in the blast furnace flue gas dust removal system, the main purpose is to capture particles in the flue gas to ensure that the exhaust gas emissions meet the environmental protection standards. These bags usually have to be able to handle high temperature, corrosion and high humidity environmental conditions. The following are some common blast furnace dust bag materials and characteristics:

Polyester: Polyester fiber dust bag has good tensile strength and corrosion resistance, suitable for moderate temperature blast furnace flue gas dust removal.

Acrylic fiber (Acrylic) : Acrylic fiber bags are usually used in high-humidity environments to prevent the reduction of the dew point temperature and prevent the bag from condensation.

PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) : PPS is a high temperature and corrosion resistant synthetic material, suitable for high temperature flue gas dust removal in blast furnaces.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) : PTFE dust bag has excellent high temperature resistance and anti-adhesion properties, suitable for high temperature and high humidity environment in blast furnace system.

Glass Fiber: Glass fiber bags are usually able to withstand high temperatures and some corrosive gases, and are a common blast furnace dust bag material.

Aramid: Aramid is a high temperature resistant, high tensile strength synthetic fiber, suitable for some high temperature and highly corrosive gas blast furnace systems.

The choice of blast furnace dust bag depends on the characteristics of blast furnace gas, temperature, humidity and specific environmental requirements. At the same time, the design and layout of the dust bag also need to take into account the process characteristics of the system to ensure the dust removal effect and the life of the bag.

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