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Calculation method for the number of bag types of medium efficiency air filter manufacturers

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Firstly, the processing air volume of the dust removal bag refers to the volume of gas that the dust removal equipment can purify per unit time. The unit is cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or standard cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h). It is one of the important factors in the design of bag filters. When designing or selecting a bag filter based on air volume, it is generally not possible to operate the filter beyond the specified air volume. Otherwise, the filter bag is prone to blockage, shortened lifespan, significantly increased pressure loss, and reduced dust removal efficiency; But the air volume cannot be too large, otherwise it will increase equipment investment and land occupation. The reasonable selection of processing air volume is often determined based on process conditions and experience.

Secondly, calculate the total filtration area: Based on the total amount of air passing through the dust collector and the predetermined filtration rate, calculate the total filtration area using the following formula: after calculating the total filtration area, the overall scale and size of the bag filter can be determined.

Thirdly, according to the area of a single circular filter bag, during the processing of the filter bag, the filter bag needs to be fixed on a flower board or short tube, and some even need to be hung up and fixed on the bag cap. Therefore, the two ends of the filter bag need to be double-layered or even multi-layer sewn: the double-layer sewn part has no filtering effect due to increased resistance, and some filter bags also have a fixed ring in the middle, which also has no filtering effect. In large and medium-sized reverse blowing dust collectors, the filter bag is 10m long and 0.292m in diameter, with a nominal filtration area of 0.0292 × 10=925m, if the area without filtering effect is deducted from 0.75m, the net filtering area ranges from 8.25 to 0.75=7.5m. It can be seen that the unused filter area of the filter bag accounts for 5% to 10% of the filter bag area. Therefore, the net filter area size should be indicated in the specifications of large and medium dust collectors.

Fourth: After calculating the total filtering area and the area of a single dust removal bag, the number of filter bags can be calculated. If the number of filter bags in each filter bag room is determined, the number of rooms in the entire dust collector can also be calculated from this. Although the number of rooms is determined as needed in the design or selection of dust collectors, considering site layout and maintenance convenience, the number of rooms for dust collectors with more than 6 rooms is often designated as double row, and each room for dust collectors with less than 5 rooms is designated as single row.

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