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Chemical liquid filter bag material and characteristics

Time : 2023-12-26 Hits : 7

Chemical liquid filter bags are a key component for the treatment of solid particles and impurities in chemical fluids. Depending on the application and chemical environment, liquid filter bags are usually made of different materials. The following are some commonly used chemical liquid filter bag materials and their characteristics:

Polypropylene (PP) :

Characteristics: It has good chemical stability and good resistance to acids, bases and many organic solvents. Good wear resistance, relatively low price.

Application: Suitable for the filtration of most general chemical liquids, such as acid, alkali, brine, organic solvents, etc.

Polyester (PE) :

Characteristics: High tensile strength and wear resistance. For some chemicals, such as strong acids and bases, special processing or coating may be required.

Application: Widely used in liquid filtration, especially in applications requiring higher mechanical properties.

Nylon (PA) :

Characteristics: Good tensile strength and wear resistance. It has good chemical stability to many chemicals.

Application: It is often used in filtration processes requiring high efficiency and high precision.

PTFE (polyteflon) :

Characteristics: Excellent chemical stability and good resistance to most chemicals and solvents. It has a very low coefficient of friction and good anti-viscosity.

Application: Suitable for applications requiring high chemical stability and high temperature, such as the filtration of strong acids, strong bases, oxidants and organic solvents.

Glass Fiber:

Characteristics: High temperature tolerance and chemical stability. Able to filter out tiny solid particles.

Application: Suitable for filtration of high temperature and corrosive liquids, such as high temperature acidic or alkaline solutions.

The selection of the appropriate chemical liquid filter bag material needs to consider a variety of factors, including chemical properties, temperature, pressure, the size and shape of solid particles. The right choice can ensure the optimal filtration effect and extend the service life of the filter bag.

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