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Design characteristics of medium efficiency f7 air filter

Time : 2023-09-05 Hits : 12

The medium efficiency f7 air filter is a commonly used type among medium efficiency air filters. The filter material is melt blown ultrafine glass fiber filter material, with a "V" shaped filter bag structure, ensuring the use of a larger effective filtering area, long service life, and stable efficiency throughout the entire service life. What are the advantages of using it in different fields?

Design features of medium efficiency f7 air filter:

1. Durable structural design, high dust collection rate, and long service life;

2. Low initial resistance, lightweight structure, and easy installation;

3. Product efficiency: F5, F6, F7, F8, F9 (EN779);

4. The frame is supported by galvanized steel reinforcement bars, and each filter bag is equipped with a pair of reinforcement bars to ensure that the bag will not fall off.

The medium efficiency f7 air filter is essential for general ventilation and air conditioning systems, and it is the main force of filtration. It is made into a bag filter mainly to meet the requirements of high air volume and low resistance. Strictly speaking, the front end of the bag filter also needs a layer of pre filtration device, usually using disposable paper frame or metal frame plate filters. However, some domestic users do not replace the front end paper frame filter after it reaches its lifespan and directly use bag filters as stage filters, resulting in a harsh operating environment for bag filters, shortened lifespan, and inability to meet the manufacturer's design requirements. This situation should be avoided as much as possible. Although adding a pre filtration process increases the procurement cost, the replacement cycle of the bag filter can reduce the overall maintenance cost in the long run.

Bag air filters are widely used as intermediate filters in air conditioning systems, as well as in industrial purification such as central air conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, and food.

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