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Edible oil filter bag features

Time : 2023-11-21 Hits : 2

Edible oil filter bag is a product specifically designed to filter edible oil. These filter bags are usually made of food-grade materials to ensure that no harmful substances are released during the filtration process.

Material: Edible oil filter bags are usually made of food-grade materials, such as polypropylene (PP) or nylon. These materials are stable under high temperature conditions and do not have harmful effects on food.

Microporous structure: The design of the filter bag usually includes a microporous structure, which helps to effectively filter out impurities, residues and particles in the oil and improve the purity of the cooking oil.

High temperature resistance: Cooking oil may reach a higher temperature during the cooking process, so the cooking oil filter bag needs to have a certain high temperature resistance to ensure that it will not be damaged or release harmful substances during the filtration process.

Easy replacement: Filter bags are usually designed with easy replacement in mind in order to maintain the filtration effect in a timely manner. This is especially important for situations such as commercial kitchens that require frequent changes.

Application: Edible oil filter bag is mainly used in catering industry, food processing plants and other places that need a lot of edible oil. By replacing the filter bag regularly, the service life of the cooking oil can be extended, the cleanliness of the oil and the quality of the food can be improved.

The benefits of using cooking oil filter bags include extending the service life of cooking oil, improving the taste and color of fried food, and reducing impurities in oil fumes.

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