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How to improve G3 primary filter life?

Time : 2024-01-04 Hits : 7

Long life of G3 primary filter is the first stage of many purification projects, essential, but as the first stage filter replacement frequency is higher, how can you improve the life in use? Good maintenance can effectively reduce the resistance of the primary filter, improve its operating efficiency, and reduce the frequency of replacing the primary filter, saving maintenance costs.

1, reasonable installation: the installation position and installation mode of the initial effect filter have an important impact on its life and filtration effect. The appropriate installation location should be selected according to the actual situation, and pay attention to the tightness of the installation;

2, reasonable use: the reasonable use of the initial effect filter can extend its life. For example, where indoor cleanliness requirements are high, pre-filter can be used to reduce the workload of the primary filter and extend the life of the G3 primary filter;

3, regular inspection: regularly check the working status and filtering effect of the primary filter, timely find problems and take measures to solve them. For example, when the surface of the primary filter is found to be obviously blocked, it can be cleaned or replaced in time;

Note: To prevent moisture, G3 primary filter in the storage and use process, pay attention to moisture, wet environment may lead to the performance of the primary filter decline, and even damage the filter paper. Therefore, during storage and replacement, it is necessary to ensure the drying of the primary filter.

Through the above maintenance methods and techniques, we can effectively extend the service life of the primary effect air filter, improve its filtration effect, and ensure the air quality of the clean workshop and clean room.

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