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Material analysis of high efficiency filter for medical purification

Time : 2023-11-16 Hits : 2

Medical purification high efficiency filter is an important equipment for improving air quality, mainly used to capture less than 0.5um of particulate dust and a variety of suspended solids, the use of ultrafine glass fiber paper as a filter material, offset paper, aluminum film and other materials as a partition board, and wood frame aluminum alloy glued, easy to use and long life. The classification of high efficiency filters can be selected on demand.

Medical purification high efficiency filters are mainly divided into high efficiency filters with partitions (high efficiency filters with partitions), high efficiency filters without partitions (high efficiency filters without partitions), high temperature filters and high efficiency filters (high filtration) temperature and high temperature).

The main filter material of medical purification high efficiency filter is filter paper, filter paper is generally divided into glass fiber filter paper and chemical fiber filter paper. There are also national filter paper and imported filter paper, but no matter which kind, it should have good filtration performance, but in order to save costs, counterfeit filter paper will use much lower filter paper, which is completely in the working process. It is not possible to prevent dust from entering the engine, as its extremely inefficient filter quality usually leads to engine failure. Here is how to judge the quality of filter paper for each appearance used in HEPA filters.

Under normal circumstances, the filter paper of the air clean high efficiency filter is particularly flat, but the bottom filter paper is worse. Not only is the color of each batch uneven, but the surface of the paper is also wrinkled.

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