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PE filter bag characteristics

Time : 2023-11-29 Hits : 2

Polyethylene (PE) filter bag is a common and versatile filtration equipment, its characteristics cover a number of aspects, so that it has a wide range of applications in different industrial fields.

Chemical stability: PE is a chemically inert material, with excellent chemical stability, can withstand the influence of various acids, bases, solvents and other corrosive substances, suitable for a variety of complex industrial environments.

Wear resistance: PE filter bags show high wear resistance, and can maintain filtration efficiency for a long time for fluids with more particles or media containing solid particles.

Low temperature performance: PE material can still maintain good elasticity and toughness in low temperature environment, and is not easy to become brittle, so it is suitable for filtration applications under low temperature conditions.

Mechanical strength: PE filter bags have high mechanical strength, which helps to maintain the stability of their shape and structure under high flow rates and high pressures.

Low water absorption: The low water absorption of PE material enables it to maintain relatively stable filtration performance under wet conditions and is not easy to expand by moisture.

Weldability: PE filter bags can be thermally-bonded or ultrasonic welded to facilitate process processing and customized requirements in specific environments.

Environmental protection: As a recyclable plastic, PE meets environmental standards and helps to reduce the environmental impact of filtration equipment.

Overall, these characteristics of PE filter bags make them an ideal choice in the field of liquid filtration. Whether in the chemical industry, food production or water treatment, PE filter bags are able to provide reliable filtration solutions to meet the requirements of different processes.

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