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PE folding filter element filter cartridge

Time : 2024-01-02 Hits : 2

PE folding filter element is made of high-quality polyethylene material with uniform pore size distribution and high filtration accuracy. In order to increase the filtration area and particle capture capacity, the PE filter element adopts a special folding structure, which can achieve a large number of particles and a long service life.

Mainly used in liquid and gas filtration applications. This filter element has a compact structure and a large filtration area, which can effectively capture and remove particles, impurities and microorganisms of various sizes. Thanks to its high quality filter media and folding design, PE filters achieve efficient, precise and long-lasting filtration performance.

PE folding filters are suitable for a variety of liquid and gas filtration applications, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and environmental protection. PE folding filter element has a long service life, low maintenance costs and high recycling value, which helps to reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.

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