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The biomass boiler bag dust collector is equipped with Flumas high temperature dust bag, which can withstand temperature 240°C

Time : 2023-12-22 Hits : 2

The biomass boiler bag dust collector is equipped with Flumez high temperature resistant dust bag, which is a special dust removal equipment designed for biomass boilers. Its core component is Flomace high temperature dust bag, which has excellent high temperature resistance and can withstand high temperatures up to 240°C.

Flumex high temperature dust bag is made of advanced production technology and high-quality materials, with extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. In the harsh environment of the biomass boiler, it can run stably for a long time, effectively filter and remove dust and other harmful substances in the flue gas, and ensure the stable operation of the boiler and emission standards.

The design of Flumis high temperature dust removal bag fully considers the characteristics and working conditions of biomass boiler, with small resistance loss and high filtration efficiency. It can not only effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reduce energy consumption, but also extend the service life of the boiler, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, and save costs for enterprises.

In addition, Flumas high temperature dust bag also has excellent physical and chemical properties, can resist the corrosion of corrosive gases and dust such as acid and alkali in the flue gas. It has a long service life and a long replacement cycle, which can meet the needs of long-term stable operation of biomass boilers.

In short, the biomass boiler bag dust collector supporting Flumis high temperature dust removal bag is an efficient, stable and reliable dust removal equipment, which can provide a strong guarantee for the operation of biomass boilers. Its application will help to improve the operating efficiency of boilers, reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, and create greater economic and social benefits for enterprises.

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