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The function and use of activated carbon filter

Time : 2023-12-04 Hits : 4

Activated carbon filter is a common water treatment equipment, its main role is to adsorb impurities and pollutants in water through activated carbon material, improve the quality of water.

The main role of activated carbon filter:

Adsorption performance: activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, can absorb organic matter, chlorine, odor, color and other impurities in water, improve the taste and purity of water.

Removal of odor: Activated carbon can effectively remove the odor of water, including chlorine gas, pollutants caused by odor, make the water fresher.

Removal of organic pollutants: It has good removal effect on harmful substances such as organic substances and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Wide application: activated carbon filter can be widely used in domestic water treatment, drinking machine, coffee machine, refrigerator, swimming pool and other fields.

Renewable: activated carbon can be reused through certain regeneration methods to extend its service life and improve economic efficiency.

Application scenario:

Domestic water treatment: Household tap water often contains chlorine and odors, activated carbon filters can be installed on the faucet or the entire water system to provide cleaner water.

Water dispensers and refrigerators: Used to filter water in water dispensers and refrigerators to remove odors and organic contaminants.

Swimming pool: Used to remove chlorine and impurities in swimming pool water to improve water quality.

Air purification: Activated carbon is also used in the field of air purification to absorb odors and harmful gases in the air.

Industrial wastewater treatment: In the industrial sector, activated carbon filters are used to treat wastewater and remove organic waste and pigments.

Overall, activated carbon filters are an effective and economical water treatment equipment suitable for a variety of application scenarios, improving the safety and taste of water quality.

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