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The role of the pool filter

Time : 2023-10-31 Hits : 8

Pool filter element is an important part of the pool filtration equipment, its role is to remove impurities, microorganisms, sediments and other impurities in the pool water, to ensure that the water is clear and transparent, to achieve the purpose of health and safety. Specifically, through its special material and structure, the pool filter can filter out solid impurities such as suspended matter, sediment, particles, and algae in the pool water, and also effectively filter out microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses to improve the sanitation level of the pool water.

Pool filter element is usually used fiber cloth, quartz sand, glass beads and other materials made of filter media, through different filtration methods, such as physical filtration, chemical adsorption, biodegradation and other ways to treat the pool water. Different types of pool filters have different filtering effects and service life, common pool filters are sand filters, sliding cover filter, filter bags, filter bottles and so on. In use, the pool filter needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure its filtration effect and service life.

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