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Working principle and advantages of backwash filter

Time : 2023-12-27 Hits : 7

A backwash filter is a specially designed filtration device with a reverse flow function that is used to periodically clean and recycle the filter media to remove accumulated contaminants. This filter is common in many industrial and commercial applications because it allows for in-line cleaning without downtime or manual intervention.

Working principle of the backwash filter: The work of the backwash filter is based on a simple principle, that is, by changing the flow direction of the filter medium to remove contaminants. When the filter media (such as sand, gravel, granular activated carbon, etc.) accumulates enough pollutants over a period of time, the media can be washed away by reverse flow or high-pressure spraying of water or other cleaning agents.

Backwash filter applications: Backwash filters are widely used in water supply, wastewater treatment, industrial process water, cooling towers, heating and cooling systems, irrigation systems, etc. In these applications, regular media cleaning maintains the efficiency and performance of the filter.

Advantages: The main advantage of the backwash filter is its in-line cleaning function, which means that the filtration process can be continued without downtime. In addition, it can extend the service life of the filter media and reduce maintenance requirements.

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