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Activated Carbon Panel Filter

Activated Carbon Panel Filter


Carbon Activated Air Filter Features

1) Type: Active carbon air filter

2) Frame: Stainless, Aluminum and Galvanized steel

3) Media: Active carbon

4) Protect mesh: Aluminum mesh or spray iron mesh

5) EN779 class: G3, G4

6) Efficiency: MERV 5, 6, 7, 8

7) Average arrestance: 80-90%, ≥90%

8) Temp. Resistance: 60°C

9) Humidity: 100%

Carbon Activated Air Filter Advantage

1.The activated carbon uniformly attached to polyester media with activated carbon.

2.This Carbon filter is optimal and effective for removing a variety range of dust and peculiar smell.

3.This filter is very economica with low initial and maintenance cost.

4.This filter is replaceable for the general particle filters due to excellent.

5.Various custom sizes are available.

Carbon Activated Air Filter Application

1.Used in the IAQ place. HVAC system.Used in the airport, hospital, semiconductor factor.

2.Biology companies where require high air quality of the in-room environment.

Size: Various custom sizes are available.

Carbon Activated Air Filter specification and technical parameters

TypeFilter materialLength (mm)Height (mm)Thickness (mm)Filter area (m2)Rated airflow (m3/h)Initial pressure drop
SFF-KL1activated carbon particles500500250.251000150
SFF-XW1Activated carbon fiber500500450.70200090

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