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Fire Retardant Anti-static Paint Kraft Paper Filter

Fire Retardant Anti-static Paint Kraft Paper Filter


Dry filters, also known as paint filter paper, paint mist filter (folding filter board). Is used to dry spray room of a new type of environmentally friendly products, it USES the environmental protection filter; It makes the spray/paint no more water, no pollution! Can effectively filter the paint, oil, glass raw materials, epoxy, tar, iron Christopher long, liquefaction of workpiece, plastic, ceramic, dye, painting, porcelain, etc., the dry air filtering effect is as high as 99.99%, higher requirements in spray work environment or humidity larger when using still better. V dry filter can effectively absorb the overspray spraying, forced through the jet flow change direction for many times, so that is heavier than air particles will stick on the paper surface, not away with the flow. Overspray content on filter paper in the fold from low filling, spray until a complete blockage, filters need to change! 14 to 15 kg per square at least bearing, bearing capacity three to five times that of other kinds of filter paper, and the depth of bearing and the bearing surface.


Material: Kraft paper+5mm polyester

Suggest flow rate: 0.25-1 M/S

Max pressure: 128-256 Pa

High filtration efficiency, fire retardant, anti-static


Widely used in paint filter for wood, furniture, automobile, hardware and other paint rooms etc.


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