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PP Fiber Material Filter Cloth For Liquid Filter Bag

PP Fiber Material Filter Cloth For Liquid Filter Bag


PP filter felt are made of 100% filament polypropylene fiber,after needle punched, singed or polish for the raw polypropylene filter felt material, then pp filter felt can be sewn into pp filter bags.

Available Finish: singed,calendar,heat set PTFE membrane,W/O,anti-static treatment.

Characteristics of PP filter cloth

1. PP filter cloth has a pH value of 1-13 and is prone to melting by chlorinated solvents or aromatic compounds, except for concentrated nitric acid and caustic soda;

2. Most polypropylene fibers can be applied in the food industry;

3. Density: 0.905 g/cm2, which is the lighter polymer in the filter fabric material;

4. Good conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, slightly stronger recovery than polyester material;

5. PP short fiber, spun yarn with wool; PP long fibers form smooth yarns, so PP short fiber filter cloth has a stronger ability to retain small particles than long fibers.

PP long fiber filter cloth, with a smooth surface, good breathability, and easy cleaning.

Temperature resistance of PP filter cloth: Under normal working conditions, the temperature does not exceed 90 ° C, and slightly shrinks when it exceeds 90 ° C, with a softening point of 140-150 ° C.

Application of PP filter cloth

Polypropylene material is one of the main materials for filter cloth, which is widely used in fields such as chemical industry, environmental protection, non-ferrous metals, copper pentoxide, and tailings dry discharge.


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