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Active carbon fiber filter for exhaust air system


Type: Cartridge molecular filter
Media: Special active carbon fiber media
Cartridge material: Galvanized steel/Stainless steel
Temperature:40ºC maximum in continuous service

Thickness Vs Efficiency vs pressure drop
Model Dimensions
Initial efficiency
sepcific surface
area m2/g

Type V Type A Type B
SFF306 300
1500 1300 1200 130

98% 95% 90%
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Active Carbon Fibre Filter for Exhaust Air System

Good filtration efficiency for the organic gas in the exhaust system
Can be adjusted the thickness of the filter media winding according to the emission concentration and resistance
Quick bayonet type design, installation convenient and simple
Filter media renewable
The best initial efficiency would be 99%

Application: Suitable for Voc purification in the exhaust system

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