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  • Metal filter nylon mesh filer

    Təsvir:G2 class cleanable dust, sand,flour, paint etc pre filter grease and oil filter with very high separation efficiency
    Can be made in all customized sizes
    Can be cleaned in dishwasher or pressure washer
    Very large cooling surface without excessive air resistance

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  • Synthetic fiber multi-pockets pre-filter

    Təsvir:Application: As a pre filter in air-condition system

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  • Pleated pre-filter with paper frame

    Təsvir:Application: As a pre filter in air-condition system

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  • Peated pre-filter with metal mesh and metal fram

    Təsvir:10 üz / ayaq, normal məhsuldan 25% yüksəkdir
    Filter media and frame using adhesive bonding, strong structure
    Filter media can be replaced,frame can be recycled
    Filter media and metal mesh tight adhesion, enhance the strength of the filter material,effective weakened the shaking of it, reduce the secondary pollution

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  • Pleated pre-filter with media holding frames

    Təsvir:7 üz / ayaq, normal məhsuldan 40% yüksəkdir
    With holding frame ,very strong structure
    Customer can replace the material very easy by themselves, the holder and frame can be recycled

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  • Panel pre- filter

    Təsvir:"V" shape of stainless steel wire designed at the upstream, user can replace the material very easy ,the frame can be reused
    Filter media and frame bonded by adhesive,can ensure no bypass or leakage even under large air flow
    Hasp available,if needed by installation type
    Thickness vs Efficiency vs Pressure drop Dimensions vs Air flow

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  • Activated Carbon panel filter

    Təsvir:Panel filter is the pre filter of hepa filter and air filter.
    MOQ: 1 əd
    Delivery time: 7 to 30 working days
    Port: Shanghai
    Payment terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C, D/P,D/A

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  • Dry type spray filter paper

    Təsvir:V dry filters, also known as paint filter paper, paint mist filter (folding filter board). Is used to dry spray room of a new type of environmentally friendly products, it USES the environmental protection filter

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  • Paint paper filter

    Təsvir:It makes the spray/paint no more water, no pollution! Can effectively filter the paint, oil, glass raw materials, epoxy, tar, iron Christopher long, liquefaction of workpiece, plastic, ceramic, dye, painting, porcelain, etc., the dry air filtering effect is as high as 99.99%, higher requirements in spray work environment or humidity larger when using still better. V dry filter can effectively absorb the overspray spraying

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  • Glass filter media

    Təsvir:Media rolls are used to cut pads ranging from small filter pads used in vacuum cleaners, to large sizes used in paint booth applications to ensure perfect painting results.
    ucfresh supplies media rolls in different widths, thicknesses and filter classes to suit most applications. Customers can also choose between synthetic media or higher performance glass fiber media.

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  • Paint booth filter class M5 to M6

    Təsvir:Application: As fine pre air filter for customized ventilation system or equipment Particularly suitable for final filtration of spray booth, paint shop

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  • High efficiency synthetic filter media

    Təsvir:Application: As a pre-filter in air conditioning,fresh air and recycle air

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