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Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Housing


Backwashing automatic filter housing system DFX series

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Full automatic filtering housing system
Full automatic outside scraper filter housing DFX series
DFX series self cleaning filter housing (DFX filter for short) is DKD of independent research and development of efficient scraper type self-cleaning filter, by way of mechanical scraping to automatically cleaning particle impurity of outer surface of filter element, be able to continuous on-line filtration. DFX filter housing is mainly used for high precision filter, precision range 50-500 microns. Be able to the maximum extent to avoid crushing the impurities, thus efficient removal of more impurities, suitable for high viscosity liquid filtration, viscosity up to 800000 CPS. DFX filter follow the DKD high performance, high quality, high reliability design and manufacturing standards, reached the international first-class quality.

DKD is the world's leading manufacturer of self cleaning filter, it has a full series of scraper type self cleaning filter products, three sub series, applicable to different occasions, to fully meet the industrial customers a variety of mechanical self cleaning filtration requirements.

Working principle of DFX filter housing
Liquid inflow from filter inlet (1), and from the filter element of outer surface flow past(6), filter element lower end connection outlet(2), liquid outflow from the outlet; When the surface of the filter element is blocked to a certain amount of impurities, to perform the cleaning procedure at  definite time or by setting the pressure difference. (4)Gear motor drive slicker(7) to erasion impurities of outer surface of the filter element, impurities along the scraper to leave the surface of the filter element, with the downward liquid falling to the bottom of the filter, the rotating sweep board sweeps the bottom impurity into the dirt collecting chamber(5), impurities accumulate in collecting cavity and bottom of the filter, sewage valve timing automatic open, the liquid with high concentration of impurities is discharged from the discharge port(3), residual liquid can be recovered or directly discharged.

Filter element cross section
Filter element slicker  

V-SLOT high performance precision filter element
X series DF filter housing is equipped with the world's top quality V-SLOT gap type precision filter elements, has the following prominent advantages:
1)Precision range 50-500 microns;
2)Surface seam width precision, deviation is less than 5 microns;
3)Main Body 316L material, excellent corrosion resistance;
4)V type slot, which is not easy to die impurities, stable long-term flow;
5)Outer surface and internal surface smooth, easy to scrape off, minimum wear of scraper;
6)Can filter stubborn impurities, such as mud impurity and soft agglomerate impurity;
7)The surface is treated with special hardening and wear resistance, and the service life is prolonged remarkably;
8)High strength structure, differential pressure rise, the gap keep not deformed;
9)Tolerance to high intensity front and back side pressure shock;

Technical features and advantages
1)Full automatic operation, 24 hours of continuous online filtering, end heavy filter element replacement and cleaning work;
2)cost of material and environmental protection, not appear disposable supplies.
3)Using metal sheet scraper, excellent effect, impurity removal ability was significantly improved and avoid crushing impurities;
4)Top quality V-SLOT filter element, gap precision, extreme smooth surface, easy to scrape, high strength, long life;
5)The filter pressure loss is very small, the flow is stable, energy saving, and the conducive to stable technics;
6)Can be added the backwashing function, auxiliary cleaning filter element;
7)Closed filtration, to prevent the leakage of hazardous materials, is conducive to safe production;
8)High concentration of waste liquid can be recycled, to avoid the loss of high value materials;
9)A variety of module combination and automatic mode, to meet the requirements of various filtration;
10)The standard of international famous brand geared motor, high reliability, long service life;
11)standard has the auxiliary cover lifting device,one person can operate easily

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