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Acrylic filter bag – deeply impregnated filter bag

March 10,2023

A brief overview of acrylic filter bag:
Acrylic deeply impregnated filter bag, homopolyacrylonitrile fiber (acrylic) has good resistance to organic solvents, oxidants, inorganic and organic acids, and will not hydrolyze. It can be widely used in waste incineration, asphalt, coal mill, power plant and other flue gas dust collection in low temperature, high chemical corrosivity and humid occasions. According to different use requirements, various functional treatments can be made for acrylic needle felt, such as water repellent, waterproof and oil resistant, PTFE impregnation, coating, film covering, etc.

Classification of acrylic filter bag:
According to temperature, acrylic filter bags include medium-temperature acrylic filter bags, high-temperature acrylic filter bags and normal-temperature acrylic filter bags.

Medium temperature acrylic filter bag: medium temperature acrylic dust bag is one of the commonly used varieties of acrylic needle felt. The longitudinal seam must be firm, straight and not less than three, the annular seam at the opening of the bag must be firm and not less than two, the annular seam of the anti-shrinking ring must be firm and not less than two on each side, and the annular seam at the bottom of the bag can be single, but must be sewn more than two times. In addition, the medium-temperature acrylic filter bag is generally divided into pulse type dust removal filter bag, rapping type medium-temperature filter bag – acrylic needle felt dust removal cloth bag, and reverse blowing type medium-temperature filter bag – acrylic needle felt dust removal cloth bag. There are also round bag, flat bag and envelope types according to the shape. Medium temperature filter bag – acrylic needle felt dust removal cloth bag also has different design methods for bag opening and bottom.

Acrylic filter bag is a key accessory that determines the dust removal efficiency and working temperature of bag filter. The cost of replacing filter bag is also the main maintenance cost of bag filter. Therefore, the working life of filter bag is related to the operation status and cost of the filter. It is particularly important to select appropriate filter material and design a reasonable structure. The selection of acrylic filter bag should be based on the temperature, humidity and chemical characteristics of the gas; The size, weight, shape, abradability, dust concentration, filtration speed, dust removal method, emission concentration and working system of bag filter of the particles are comprehensively considered. Generally, needle felt is selected for pulse jet bag-type dust remover, and woven cloth is selected for chamber backwash bag-type dust remover or mechanical rapping bag-type dust remover

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