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Advantages and characteristics of high silicon oxygen filter bags

June 09,2023

(1) Lightweight and soft, easy to remove dust

The thickness of the filter material is about 0.8mm, which is only one-third of that of felt filter material. It is woven with expanded yarn and has a soft texture. When cleaning the dust, the filter material shakes in a serpentine shape, making it easy for the dust to peel off; Low cleaning pressure and fewer cleaning times effectively reduce compressed air consumption, reduce maintenance, and save operating costs.

(2) High filtering accuracy

The micropores on the surface of SFFILTECHhigh silica membrane filter bagsare small and uniform (0.10-2.0 μ m) It can separate all dust larger than the diameter of micropores, and has very high capture efficiency for PM10 (inhalable dust) and PM2.5 (respiratory dust) that seriously harm human health. So the smoke and dust purification efficiency is high and stable, and it is easy to achieve less than 20mg/m ³ Emission standards.

(3) High strength and low elongation, stable size

The longitudinal and latitudinal strength of SFFILTECH high silica (modified) membrane filter bags is both 3000N/5 × Above 20cm, it will not shrink under high temperature, almost maintaining its original size, and will not affect the filtration and dust removal effect. The elongation rate of the acid resistanthigh silica filter bagis less than 3%. During filtration operation, the weight of the filter material and the weight of the dust layer will not cause the filter bag to elongate, and it also greatly reduces the periodic damage caused by pneumatic cleaning of the filter bag.

(4) Outstanding temperature resistance

The high silica coated filter bag can operate continuously between the acid dew point and 260 ℃, with an instantaneous temperature resistance of 280 ℃. For the instantly generated hot particles and sparks, the filter material will not be burned or burned. The acid-resistant high silica coated filter material is baked in a 280 ℃ oven for 2 hours, and its physical and chemical indicators and color remain basically unchanged, which is not possessed by other filter materials.

(5) Resistance to oxidation and corrosion

High silicon oxygen coated filter bags will not be oxidized by oxygen or nitrogen compounds, so there is no need to consider the issue of high or low oxygen content in the dust collector. The corrosion resistance of high silica coated filter bags is outstanding, and after the overall filter material is impregnated with PTFE, PTFE will form a dense protective film on the surface of the high silica coated filter bag. Therefore, the high silica coated filter bag is minimally corroded during operation.

(6) Excellent bending resistance

The substrate of the high silicon oxygen membrane filter bag is woven with ultra-fine high silicon oxygen fibers, and after scientific chemical post-processing, the folding resistance of the filter material is several times higher than that of ordinary filter materials. It can withstand long-term shrinkage and expansion movements without causing damage to the filter material, ensuring the service life of the filter material.

(7) Water repellent and oil resistant, suitable for high humidity conditions

The hydrolysis resistance of the high silica membrane filter bag is very good. The substrate has been treated with a water and oil repellent process. After application testing, the waterproof grade is not less than 4.5, which eliminates the adsorption of water by the filter material and effectively reduces the phenomenon of condensation and hardening.

(8) Adapt to reverse blowing conditions

The use of high silica coated filter bags is not affected by changes in operating conditions, and there are no strict requirements for smoke and dust, as well as the chemical composition, particle size, moisture content, etc. of the collected products.

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