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Advantages and disadvantages of non-woven medium effect air filter

December 07,2023

Advantages and disadvantages of non-woven medium effect air filter

Bag air filter,plate filter is optional

Non-woven medium effect air filter is often divided into two types of bag and plate structure, the practical application of a very wide range of two types of filters, in the multistage filtration system, used in the middle filter segment, to reduce the filtration pressure of the back-end filter, improve the service life of the back-end filter.

Non-woven air filter in the operation process can withstand a lot of working pressure, compared with ordinary filters, to be much more powerful, so the pressure loss of the equipment is small, the operation cost is relatively low, the energy saving effect is very obvious, for the majority of users to save costs, very suitable for some small and medium-sized industrial enterprises to use, especially just starting enterprises.

The filtration accuracy of non-woven medium effect air filter is very high, it is understood that with the current level of science and technology, the filter accuracy of the equipment can reach 0.5μm. This is why the equipment is used in a wide range of reasons. Although the volume of the equipment is limited, the amount of pollution contained in the equipment is very large, so this can also reduce the number of cleaning, generally three months to six months to clean once, can be applied in large equipment.

Compared with the plate filter, the bag filter requires a larger space for installation, that is, some application environments, and can use the bag filter, such as: mechanical distribution cabinet or chassis with air filtration, such applications for the installation of air filters, there is not so much space reserved.

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