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Application advantages of air purifier hepa filter

December 19,2023

Air purifier hepa filter can well complete a variety of filtration work, in the need to filter the production work plays a particularly important role, in an important position at the same time, the separator free high efficiency filter itself also has many advantages.

Compared with a separator filter, a separator free filter means that there is no obvious separator between the filter and the filter, but a separator between the filter and the filter in hot melt adhesive or other forms. Separator filter and non-separator filter are almost the same in performance, and have a strong adsorption effect on dust particles in the air.

However, it is worth noting that there are certain differences in their performance. For example, the partition of the high efficiency air filter resistance to the air, that is, less air flow through the filter without the partition barrier, can pass through the air flow is large, less resistance to the air, so in industrial production also tend to have no partition of the high efficiency filter.

Air purifier hepa filter is not often used in life, and is generally used in clean rooms, industry, food and other fields, so as to meet environmental needs and achieve high standards of filtration effect.

In fact, no matter which field or which place to use, it is very valuable for us. Any part of life is closely related to us, so the use of non-partition HEPA filters is beneficial and harmless.

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