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Application of Aramid filter bag in bag dust collector in asphalt plant

November 28,2023

With the improvement of environmental standards and the continuous attention to air quality, the control of pollutants in industrial areas such as asphalt plants has become increasingly important. As an efficient air purification equipment, bag dust collector has been widely used in asphalt plants.

Among them, the Aramid filter bag plays a key role as the core component of the bag dust collector.

1.What is an Aramid Filter bag?

Aramid is a high-performance synthetic fiber with excellent high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical strength. This makes the Aramid filter bag of asphalt plant an ideal bag dust collector material, especially suitable for the filtration of high temperature and highly corrosive gases such as asphalt plants.

2.What is the performance of Aramid filter bag in asphalt plant?

In asphalt production, high temperature is an unavoidable technological condition.Aramid filter bags in asphalt plants can maintain stable performance in high temperature environments, ensuring the long-term effective operation of dust removal systems. Its high temperature stability not only extends the service life of the filter bag, but also reduces maintenance costs.

The gases produced in asphalt production may contain harmful chemicals, which requires very high corrosion resistance of filter materials. Aramid filter bags are resistant to chemical attack, ensuring the stable operation of the dust collector system while reducing the adverse impact on the environment.

Due to the particularity of the working environment of asphalt plant, the dust collector system needs to withstand frequent airflow impact and mechanical stress. The excellent mechanical strength of Aramid filter bags can withstand harsh working conditions and reduce air leakage caused by mechanical wear.

The use of Aramid filter bags in asphalt plants not only helps to improve dust removal efficiency and reduce environmental pollution, but also conforms to the concept of sustainable development. As a synthetic fiber, Aramid's production process is relatively environmentally friendly, and the filter bag can be recycled and reused, reducing the waste of resources.

In the high temperature, high corrosion environment such as asphalt plant, the selection of Aramid filter bag as the filter material of bag dust collector can not only effectively improve the dust removal efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. This advanced technology will support the sustainable development and environmental objectives of the asphalt production industry.

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