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Application of Filter Cloth in Wastewater Treatment Equipment

January 17,2022

Filter cloth, a filter material woven from natural or synthetic fibers. Commonly used materials are cotton, hemp, wool, cocoon silk, asbestos fiber, glass fiber and some synthetic fibers. For example, cotton canvas, twill and wool cloth. Broadly speaking, filter cloth also includes metal mesh or screen. Let’s talk about the application of filter cloth in wastewater treatment equipment for your reference


  1. Wastewater treatment equipment is automatically controlled, controlled by time relay and output by AC contactor. The control cabinet can control the submersible sewage pump and aerator at the same time. It has automatic protection function and is equipped with manual and automatic control system. When starting the pump, check whether the pump pipeline leaks, absorbs water and is blocked.


  1. The anti lock submersible sewage pumps is adopted for the wastewater treatment equipment. By detecting the liquid level in the sewage tank, the water pump control is completed through the liquid level float valve. When the liquid level reaches the working level from low to high, the sewage pump starts. When the liquid level reaches the low level from the highest to the lowest, close the working pump (the liquid level is detected by the liquid level switch), check whether the rotation direction is correct when starting the air compressor, and avoid reverse rotation.


  1. When there is little waste water in the regulating tank and the liquid level is lower than the starting liquid level of the pump, the water pump stops working. At this time, in order to make the biofilm in the sewer system grow normally, the aerator starts intermittently, starts for 2 hours and stops for 1 time.


  1. The mud pump automatically discharges the sludge control device into the sedimentation tank, and the sludge is discharged twice a day for 10 minutes. The fan is controlled by automatic operation and stays for 3 hours within 3 hours.


Mesh is an important parameter of filter cloth. The size of the parameter indicates how many filter holes the filter cloth has. The smaller the screen size, the larger the filter hole of the bag filter and the smaller the filter hole, that is, the filter cloth. Therefore, in the process of filtering the material, a small amount of filter cloth will cause many solids to pass through the filter cloth in a normal way, so that the liquid will not crystallize after filtration.


The filter cloth bag filter retracts between the filter plates.

If the filter cloth works normally during use, there must be independent space on both sides of the filter cloth, which requires the strong cooperation of the filter plate. Press the edge filter cloth on the edge of the filter plate. The filter cloth is usually larger than the filter plate, because the bag filter expands the filter chamber and causes the filter cloth to shrink back into the filter chamber, so the filter cloth will not play an important role and the natural filtering effect will not be very good.


Bag filter cloth

The filter cloth is a fiber fabric, just like fabric, so the filter cloth is very soft and malleable, so the filter cloth will be used for bag filter. Damage is very easy, especially when there are hard objects in the filter material. When the filter cloth is perforated, it will pass through the filter cloth during operation, so the filtration will not have much impact.

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