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Application of Flumex filter bag

December 03,2022
FMS filter bag is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, acid and alkali, folding and abrasion. FMS filter bag is a new high temperature filter material successfully developed for dry dedusting of blast furnace gas. In the manufacturing process of FMS filter bag, a variety of layered composite materials are mixed, and polytetrafluoroethylene fine particles are used for osmotic crosslinking. As far as high-temperature flue gas filtration is concerned, most foreign filter materials are domestic glass fiber expansion woven fabric coated filter materials. Compared with glass fiber coated filter materials, FMS filter bags have the characteristics of fast speed and low cost ofFMS resistant filter bags. The P84 fiber is added to the glass fiber needle felt to make the felt layer more compact, and the winding between fibers is strengthened to cope with higher filtering wind speed.

FMS filter bag can prevent water and various oil stains from being soaked. Compared with ordinary filter bag, it also has anti caking property and easy to dust. Excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, folding and abrasion resistance composite products. FMS filter bag is a new high temperature filter material, which has been successfully developed for dry dedusting of blast furnace gas. When the temperature is high and the temperature fluctuation is large, the working conditions with high acid and alkali and strong corrosion are often selected in the process to filter high-temperature fine dust, apply PTFE fine particles to penetrate, and cross link through mixed layered composite materials.

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