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Automatic Backwashing Filter for Efficient Treatment of Papermaking Wastewater

March 12,2022

We all know that with the increasing scarcity of resources, especially the deepening pollution of water resources, it will directly affect the irrigation of farmland. In this regard, the application ofautomatic backwash filter in micro irrigationis undoubtedly a great help to China’s agriculture.


When it comes to the automatic backwash filter, it breaks many shortcomings of the traditional filter, such as small pollution capacity and labor consumption. It can not only effectively filter out the impurities in the water, but also realize the functions of automatic sewage discharge and cleaning, but also realize uninterrupted water supply. Therefore, the automatic backwash filter is applied to agricultural micro irrigation; undoubtedly, it not only alleviates the irrigation pressure, but also provides a guarantee for the “green” of farmland output value.


As one of the key equipment of micro irrigation, the automatic backwash filter will affect finding an irrigation system if it is slightly misoperated. Therefore, we need to maintain the automatic backwash filter frequently. Only in this way can it play its real function.


Of course, with the continuous improvement and improvement of automatic back washing filter, it can be widely used in metallurgy, medicine, food, electric power and other fields, and truly realizes its function of high-pressure back washing.


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