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Bag type medium efficiency filter

October 28,2022

The bag type medium efficiency filter is used in the industrial purification of central air conditioning ventilation system, pharmacy, hospital, electronics, food, etc. It can also be used as the front filter of the high efficiency air filter to reduce the load of the high efficiency air filter and extend its service life. Due to the large windward side of bag filter, its dust capacity is large and the wind speed is low. It is considered to be a good medium efficiency filter structure at present.
Bag type medium efficiency filter, the frame is in the form of cold plate spraying, galvanized plate, etc., and the filter materials are non-woven fabric, glass fiber, etc.
Mainperformance of bag medium efficiency filter:
1) Function: capture 1-5um dust particles
2) Type: frameless and framed bag
3) Filter material: special non-woven fabric or glass fiber
4) Efficiency: 60%~95% @ 1~5um (colorimetric method)
Replacement cycle:
Under the service condition of rated air volume, the filter shall be replaced within 3-4 months; Or when the filter resistance reaches above 400Pa, the filter must be replaced; If the filter uses washable filter material, the replaced filter material can be washed, dried and replaced with clean water or solution containing neutral detergent; It is only allowed to clean the filter twice, that is, it must be replaced with a new filter; If the dust concentration in the service environment is large, the service life will also be reduced.
Matters needing attention:
1. Regularly check whether the air inlet surface of the filter is blocked by sundries and whether the filter material surface is damaged;
2. If something blocks the surface, * *;
3. If the surface of filter material is seriously damaged, new filter material must be replaced or new filter must be installed;
4. During the installation of the filter, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure edge between the filter and the frame is well sealed to prevent air leakage;
5. Do not hit the filter surface with heavy objects, and do not pull the filter material surface with force;
6. During installation, the length direction of the filter bag mouth shall be perpendicular to the ground to ensure the filtering effect of air supply and increase the service life.Source: Shanghai Sffiltech Co., LTd

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