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Can I use a single bag liquid filter housing to filter wine?

February 25,2022

Single bag filter housing is a kind of filter equipment. Different from other filters, the application field ofsingle bag filter housingis not only in the chemical industry, but also for food and beverage filtration, water treatment, sand removal, sterilization and so on. Today, we want to discuss with you whether the single bag filter housing can filter wine?


First, the wine to be treated is for drinking. We should consider using hygienic single bag filter housing to filter the wine. Safety can only be guaranteed if it is at the health level.


Second, the impurity content and flow rate should be considered. Any solid liquid separation, gas liquid separation and oil water separation need to consider impurities and flow. If there are many impurities and large flow requirements, filter bags with small precision and large pores should be used, and the single bag filter housing should be pressurized; If there are few impurities, small flow and high accuracy requirements, the measures taken must be opposite to the former.


Third, we should also pay attention to the acid-base, temperature, chemical properties and other factors of wine, so if we use single bag filter housing, we must consider these problems.


For these problems, the single bag filter housing can meet the above requirements of customers and other filtering requirements of users. Because the single bag filter housing can meet the requirements of flow, impurities, accuracy, pressure, acidity and alkalinity, temperature, etc., and its shape is small and does not occupy a place, so it is very convenient to use.

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