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Can I use high-temperature dust bag for mine bag dust collector?

August 31,2022

Can I use high-temperature dust bag for mine bag dust collector? In the use of the mine bag filter, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature will not burn the bag. This is the most important part of the pulse bag filter. Once damaged, it will affect the service life of the filter. In order to make your dust removal equipment last longer, the high-temperature dust removal bag you choose will achieve the ideal effect. The main structure of the mine bag filter is mainly composed of the upper box, the middle box, the lower box (ash bucket), the ash removal system and the flight mechanism. In addition to the correct selection of filter materials, the dust removal system plays a decisive role in the performance of the bag filter. Therefore, the dust removal method is one of the distinguishing features of the bag filter, and is also an important part of the operation of the bag filter.
Like theglass fiber filter material, thefilter bag of the high-temperature cloth bagdedusting equipment has significantly improved its abrasion resistance, bending resistance and peeling strength, and can withstand high filtration load. The filtration speed can reach 1.0m/min and the resistance is small. Compared with chemical fiber high-temperature resistant filter material, the high-temperature resistant filter bag overcomes the disadvantages of chemical fiber filter material such as elongation, deformation, low temperature resistance and poor corrosion resistance. The high-temperature dust removal cloth bag has stable scaling, good strength and lower price than other high-temperature resistant chemical fibers.
The high-temperature resistant bag has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, large dust collection power and long service life. Due to the moderate temperature grade of the bag of the high-temperature resistant bag dedusting equipment, it can reach 150 ° C; Acid resistance, moderate alkalinity and good wear resistance make it the most widely used type of felt filter material. The surface treatment of high-temperature dust removal bag can be burned, rolled or coated according to different requirements of mining conditions.
High temperature resistant cloth bag dust removal equipment filter bags are widely used in steel plants, cement plants, power plants, non-ferrous metal exercise plants, carbon black plants, chemical plants, garbage incinerators, asphalt concrete mixing plants, food processing plants, and wood processing.
On the one hand, the filtration rate of the bag filter material is related to the structure of the filter material, and on the other hand, it also depends on the dust layer formed on the filter material. From the structure of the filter material, the filtration effect of the short fiber is higher than that of the long fiber. Felt filter material is higher than fabric filter material. From the formation of the dust layer, for thin filter materials, after the dust layer is destroyed, the ash removal rate is greatly reduced, while for thick filter materials, part of the dust can be retained in the filter materials to avoid excessive ash removal. Generally speaking, this rate can be achieved when the filter material is not broken. Therefore, as long as the design parameters are properly selected, the dust removal effect of the bag filter is no problem.
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