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Can bag filters be reused?

February 11,2023

The filter bag has a variety of uses and filtration methods, such as dust collection filter bag, air filter bag, liquid filter bag, surface filtration, deep filtration, etc. Only the filter bag with surface filtration has the possibility of secondary utilization.

The surface filtration mainly adopts nylon monofilament filter bag and metal mesh filter bag, and the filtration method of surface filtration is pore surface.

Impurities are intercepted on the surface of the filter material. The surface can be cleaned and reused after filtration. Secondly, it should be noted that the liquid filter bag is a disposable product, and it is not recommended to reuse it under normal circumstances. Reuse of the filter bag can easily cause filtration failure, and also cause cross contamination. It can be understood that SFFILTECH filtration has no problem.

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