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Can the air filter remove formaldehyde?

July 23,2022

Due to the continuous increase of haze weather in recent years, PM2.5 values in many cities frequently burst the table, coupled with the strong smell of formaldehyde in the decoration of new houses and the purchase of furniture, which has brought a great impact on people’s health. I don’t know when, a hot wind of formaldehyde removal by activated carbon air filter bag suddenly arose, and many people will use activated carbon air filter bag when removing formaldehyde in their new homes. Can activated carbon air filter really remove formaldehyde?

Let’s first look at the working principle of activated carbon air filter bag. The motor and fan in the machine circulate the indoor air, and the polluted air will remove or adsorb various pollutants after passing through the air filter screen in the machine. Whether the air purifier can remove formaldehyde depends on the filter element. At present, the removal of gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde mainly depends onbest price activated carbon filter elements, so there are high requirements for structural design, activated carbon technology and dosage.

Activated carbon is undoubtedly useful for formaldehyde removal. But the problem comes again. Its real price makes people doubt whether it is really useful. Next, let’s talk about the aldehyde removal effect of activated carbon from the perspective of principle and efficiency.

1、 Principle aspect
The main component of activated carbon is carbon molecules. Its surface is uneven and has many small cracks. These holes are the main “Heroes” of formaldehyde adsorption in the air. However, it cannot adsorb endlessly. Once it reaches the saturation state, it will not adsorb again, and even release the formaldehyde and other molecules it adsorbs, so it needs to be replaced regularly.

2、 Efficiency
Relevant experiments show that when 6kg activated carbon is placed in a 105 cubic meter sealed environment for 24 hours, the removal rate can reach 98.1%. From this point of view, although it has good aldehyde removal effect, it is still too reluctantly to undertake the aldehyde removal task of a large house, so it is more suitable for small space use.

So, the effect of using activated carbon to remove formaldehyde is still limited. We can also try other ways to remove formaldehyde together.

The air filter with activated carbon as the main component can remove formaldehyde. In a closed and poorly ventilated environment, the use of activated carbon air filter device can not only improve the indoor environmental quality, but also reduce the harm of formaldehyde to human body. However, the absorption of the filter is very small. When decorating at home, it will produce a lot of formaldehyde. This is the effect of activated carbon air filter in removing formaldehyde, which can be said to be a drop in the bucket. Activated carbon can only absorb free formaldehyde, that is, formaldehyde that has volatilized. In this case, as long as we open windows for ventilation, we can reduce the formaldehyde content in the room. Even if the activated carbon air filter is useful, it is not as effective as opening the window. As for those formaldehyde that won’t volatilize, it doesn’t matter much.

Function of activated carbon air filter bag

Activated carbon air filter bag is mainly used to filter small dust particles in the air, and has little function of adsorbing odor and formaldehyde. It is mainly used in central air conditioning, textile industry, automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, electroplating, mineral processing, petroleum, dyes, food, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, water treatment, etc.

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