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Can the liquid filter bag be cleaned and reused?

January 04,2022

According to the mechanism of liquid filtration process, it is divided into surface filtration and deep filtration.


Nylon monofilament filter bag and metal mesh filter bag are mainly used for surface filtration. The filtration method of surface filtration is hole interception, which intercepts impurities on the surface of filter material. Surface filtration can be cleaned and reused. Reminder: the liquid filter bag is a disposable product, and it is not recommended to reuse it under normal circumstances. Reusing the filter bag is easy to cause filtration failure and cross pollution.


Felt material is used for deep filtration. Deep filtration belongs to compound interception mode, that is, large particle impurities are intercepted on the fiber surface, while fine particles are captured in the deep layer of the filter material. Therefore, filtration has high filtration efficiency. Deep filtration cannot be cleaned and reused.

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