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Can you install the air filter cartridge?

December 29,2021

Can you install the air filter cartridge? First, let’s talk about the wind speed design of the filter cartridge.


In short, it is actually a tool for filtering the filter cartridge can be divided into gas filter and liquid filter. The filter cartridge mentioned in our daily life generally refers to the filter cartridge for filtering air. The main working principle of this device is to use the fine breathable tissue on the surface of the filter material to filter out the possible dust particles in the air. The common filter materials of this equipment mainly include wood pulp fiber filter paper and polyester fiber non-woven fabric. Among them, this polyester non-woven fabric can also be coated, oil-proof, waterproof and anti-static. Before using this element, it is necessary to design the wind speed, which is a very important parameter in the process of using the equipment. It is directly connected to the operation effect of the whole dust collector and the efficiency of dust removal Generally speaking, if the filter paper contains wood pulp fiber, its wind speed should not exceed 0.6 m / min. the staff said that if it contains polyester non-woven fabric, its wind speed is generally 1 m / min.


Classification and installation of air filter cartridges


The filter cartridge is mainly used to filter the gas medium. In addition, it can also operate the liquid medium. The inner part of the filter is barrel shaped, and the shape is generally conical, so it is also called conical filter screen. The main function of most filter cartridges is to filter the air, so they are also called air filter cartridges. When it works, it can effectively recover dust and powder, so as to achieve good dust removal effect. The filter element on its surface has very good performance characteristics, which can collect small dust during operation. There are three common ways to install the filter cartridge. The first is vertical hoisting, the second is oblique installation according to a specific angle, and the third is installation through flange. Finally, it should be added that the wood pulp fiber filter paper is used as the filter material, and some people will choose polyester fiber non-woven fabric.

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