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Characteristics and Application of Multi bag Rocker Arm Filter

December 23,2022

Brief introduction of multi bag rocker filter:
The multi bag rocker arm filter YM series is designed for the needs of high sewage capacity or large flow filtration. It provides the multi bag design of conventional 2-23 bags. If required, a single machine can have up to 32 bags. The quick open design is provided with an upper cover to assist in lifting the rocker arm. 0.5 ㎡ series filter bags can be installed. Multi bag type provides different materials such as Q235 carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel. Multi bag rocker filter is applicable to the process of high flow and frequent bag replacement. It is fast, safe, simple, efficient and high productivity.

Features of multi bag rocker filter:
1. Multi bag filter, providing 2-23 bag design structure
2. Suitable for high sewage capacity or large flow
3. Various sizes of inlet and outlet can be selected (DN80-DN300) for direct docking
4. Equipped with standard size flanges to ensure adequate equipment strength and pipeline load bearing capacity
5. Quick opening design, the cover can be opened by loosening the nut, and the maintenance is convenient
6. Excellent welding quality, safe and reliable
7. High strength stainless steel bolt and nut, corrosion resistant, durable
8. Sand blasting and matt treatment on the outer surface, easy to clean, elegant
9. The design of double exhaust and drain outlet makes the filter convenient and safe to use

Multi bag rocker filter application:
It is suitable for electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, paint, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, ink, resin, water treatment and other industrial fields.

Technical parameters of multi bag rocker filter housing:
Specification: 3 to 12 bags (02 #) are available
Flow: 60 to 480 m3/h
High operating pressure: 10bar
High operating temperature: 160 ℃ (equipped with Viton sealing ring)
Material: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and carbon steel are available
Surface treatment: glass bead sandblasting (stainless steel) or food grade mechanical polishing (stainless steel) or painting (carbon steel)

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