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Characteristics and application fields of various types of high-temperature air filters

October 19,2022

High temperature resistant air filters are generally divided into three types: flat type, folding type and diaphragm type. Different types have different characteristics and different application fields. What are their characteristics?

Features of various types of high temperature resistant air filters:

1.High temperature resistant flat air filter features;

Generally, the material used for the flat type high-temperature air filter is long glass fiber, which is laminated in a non-woven way. When using long glass fiber, it is also important to use those with good strength and elasticity, and will not affect the dust capacity due to the compression of filter materials due to large wind resistance. The filter materials are laid flat inside the filter, and the material used on both sides is metal mesh, and then the square mesh is used for support, so that the filter can reach 400-450 ℃ high temperature resistance.

The filtration grade of primary/intermediate efficiency plate type high temperature air filter is G4 and F5. The performance characteristics of the filter screen are good chemical resistance, strong heat resistance, non combustibility, low moisture absorption, high dust capacity of the filter screen, and long service life.

2.High temperature resistant air filter folding features;

Both sides of the filter material used in this high temperature air filter are folded with galvanized iron wire mesh or stainless steel mesh, which is very strong, and the filter material is not easy to be blown out. In addition, both sides are reinforced with galvanized square mesh, galvanized diamond mesh, and stainless steel square mesh, so it can be used normally in the environment with large air volume. Compared with the flat type high temperature resistance, the folding type high temperature resistance is slightly inferior, The high temperature resistance of the folding high temperature air filter is 250-300 ℃.

The filtration level of the initial effect folding high temperature air filter is G3. The performance features are large area of filter material, large air volume, low initial resistance, non combustibility and long service life.

3.High temperature resistant air filterhas the characteristics of diaphragm;

This high temperature resistant air filter can be applied to terminal filtration in clean rooms with different requirements and different levels, as well as various local purification equipment sites. It is folded with special folding equipment. The filter material is superfine glass fiber filter paper as filter material (kraft paper hot rolling forming or offset paper) and special aluminum foil as partition plate. In addition, the stainless steel frame is matched with special high temperature resistant sealing material, The high temperature resistance can be used for a long time under the environment of 250-350 ℃.

The filtration level of the high efficiency and high temperature resistant diaphragm filter is H10-H14. The performance feature is that the precision is relatively high. It can complete the air filtration of air suspended particles above 0.3um. Special sealant is used around for sealing. The sealing performance is very good. No leakage will occur during the working process, which will not affect the normal filtering work. The filter surface has a large volume, large air volume, small resistance, high filtering strength, large dust capacity, and can be used for a long time under the specified high temperature environment.

Application and application fields of high-temperature air filter:

1. Primary effect high temperature resistant plate filter is generally used for primary filtration in places where high temperature is required for painting and spraying, and also suitable for special environment with acid and alkali smell. It is widely used in aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, hospital, food production, chip and other occasions where high cleanliness environment is required. It is mainly used at the end of air conditioning and ventilation system, purification oven, food baking equipment, clean baking room, high-temperature sterilization equipment, high-temperature coating line and other places.

2. The primary high temperature resistant filter is mainly used to filter tar, soot, dust and other particles in the high temperature drying room so as not to damage the oil content on the object surface. High fire protection requirements and ventilation and filtration systems for high temperature environment in automotive spray curing room, high-tech electronics, military aerospace coatings

3. High temperature resistant high efficiency filter with partition is used for air filtration of equipment and systems requiring high temperature air purification such as super clean ovens, and can be used for air supply at the end of air conditioners in dust-free purification workshops of optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverage and food, PCB printing and other industries.

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