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Characteristics and composition structure of nylon mesh air conditioning filters

July 08,2023

SFFILTECH nylon mesh air conditioning filter, also known asnylon mesh coarse efficiency filter, is mainly made of PP fiber textile molding. It is acid and alkaline resistant, has good corrosion resistance, low resistance, can be cleaned repeatedly, has low price, and high economy. The captured long and short fibers and dust particles are easy to clean, and the filtering efficiency is not affected by cleaning. It has good impact strength and is applied in refrigeration air conditioning products and equipment The specific characteristics and composition of nylon mesh for the use of air purifiers, air purification treatment equipment, and engineering dust prevention and initial filtration.

1. SFFILTECHnylon mesh air conditioning filtercharacteristics:

1. Good washability;
2. High ventilation capacity and low resistance;
3. High temperature and moisture resistance;
4. Acid and alkali resistance;
5. Long service life;

2、 Main parameters of SFFILTECH nylon mesh air conditioning filter:

Outer frame: Aluminum alloy outer frame or nylon edging;
Filter material: Nylon mesh woven from PP, PA, PE and other monofilament materials;
Inner frame: galvanized iron wire or stainless steel wire;
Efficiency: G1, G2 (EN779);
Weight efficiency:

The above is an introduction to nylon mesh air conditioning filters, hoping to provide you with some useful help. In addition, nylon mesh filters usually have a frame thickness of 10mm, butair filter manufacturerscan generally customize according to actual size requirements. Welcome to inquire.

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