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Characteristics and working principle of backwash filter

November 13,2023

Backwash filter is a device widely used in liquid handling and industrial applications, and its characteristics and working principles are as follows:

Backwash filter features:

Efficient filtration: The backwash filter can efficiently remove solid particles in the liquid, ensuring product quality and smooth process.

Automatic cleaning: These filters are self-cleaning, reducing downtime and the need for manual maintenance. At a certain time interval or when the pressure difference reaches a certain value, it will automatically backwash the operation to remove the blocked filter material and restore the flow.

Maintenance savings: The automatic cleaning feature extends the filter's service life and reduces maintenance costs, making it more cost effective.

Industry application: Backwash filter is suitable for a variety of liquids, including water, solution, oil, liquid food and other liquids, making it widely used in different industries.

Customization: Backwash filters of different sizes, materials and filtration accuracy can be selected according to the specific application requirements.

Backwash filter working principle:

Backwash filters work on the basis of reverse flow. Here's how it works:

Filtration stage: When the sewage or liquid passes through the filter, the solid particles are filtered out and the clean liquid flows out. At this time, the filter material or filter medium in the Chaner begins to accumulate particulate matter.

Cleaning stage: When the set time interval or pressure difference reaches a certain value, the CHANer starts the automatic backwashing procedure. This usually involves reversing a cleaning liquid (usually the liquid itself or another cleaner) through the CHANes to clean and flush the blocked solid particles.

Reuse: After cleaning, the CHAN-pass device is restored to the CHAN-pass stage and ready to pass CHAN-pass again. This cycle can be repeated to extend the service life of the CHANer.

The characteristics and operating principles of backwash filters make them ideal for handling fluids that require continuous and efficient filtration. They are widely used in water treatment, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other fields to provide reliable filtration solutions.

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