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Characteristics of Ink Filter Bag

May 15,2022

Ink is a liquid containing pigment or dye. Ink is used for writing or painting. Early inked water includes dyes made from metals, walnut shells or seeds, or ink from aquatic animals such as fish and octopus. However, with the wide application of printing and dyeing and ink printing technology, ink is actually used more for ink printing.Ink filter bagsare usually made of polyethylene and polypropylene filter materials. The ink passes through the filter bag within 1-25m to effectively remove the particle impurities and pigment particles in the ink during grinding and mixing.


The installation of ink filter bag is very simple. Just put the filter bag into the filter and press the cover plate to ensure that there is no side leakage during the filtration process.


The ink filter bag adopts the hot-melt process, which can improve the filtering effect by more than 30%, and the filtering effect is better.


Ink filter bags are cost effective. Generally speaking, we use core filtration methods in ink filtration, such as foldingfilter elementsand stainless steel filter elements, which are very small, frequent and troublesome to replace, thus greatly increasing the cost. In contrast, the cost-effectiveness of petroleum ink filter bag is very high.


The compatibility of filter bags is relatively high. Traditional polypropylene and polyethylene filter bags can withstand a pH of 1-14 and a temperature below 95 degrees, while the chemical properties of ink oil exceed this range, so ink filter bag oil will be a suitable choice.


The paint is needled through the 100 mesh filter screen of high-purity filament fiber imported from the filter bag. The surface is specially singed to effectively prevent the fiber from falling off and polluting the filtrate. The fluffy and uniform three-dimensional filter layer has very high trapping ability for solid and colloidal particles. The high strength long fiber stabilizes the filtration efficiency of the filter bag and prolongs its service life. Filter bag is an important filter element in inner bag filtration system. The quality of the filter bag determines the filtration efficiency.


The ink of the ink filter bag is widely used in the oil industry. Its main knowledge is to remove particle impurities, pigment particles, particle dust floating on the liquid surface and mechanical impurities in the process of grinding and mixing.


Ink oil is usually used for UV printing ink, gravure ink, flexographic ink and PVC ink. When passing through filter bag, printed circuit board ink, board ink, screen oil, UV curing oil and water based oil, commonly used oil, ink and filter bag are mainly made of polypropylene and polyethylene materials. Ink and filter bag are economical to filter this oil at 1-25 M.

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