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Characteristics of PTFE filter bags used in glass kilns

May 19,2023

Glass kilns usually produce a large amount of gas and dust, which requires dust collection treatment. SFFILTECH polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dust filter bag is a filter bag material suitable for high-temperature and corrosive gas environments, and is therefore widely used indust collection equipment in glass kilns.

SFFILTECHPTFE needle punched felt filter baghas the following characteristics:

Good high-temperature resistance, able to withstand temperatures up to 260 ℃;

It has excellent chemical stability, good corrosion resistance, and can resist the erosion of strong acid, strong alkali and other chemicals;

It has good anti stick performance and self-cleaning performance, high filtration efficiency, and good dust removal effect;

The surface of thedust PTFE filter bagis smooth and not prone to static electricity, avoiding dust adhesion;

Compared with other materials, PTFE dust collection filter bags have a longer service life and better economy.

Therefore, when choosing filter bags for glass kilns, priority can be given to usingSFFILTECH PTFE filter bags. At the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively consider selecting appropriate specifications and models based on specific operating conditions, gas composition, and other factors.

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