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Cleaning agent filter bag

November 24,2022

Introduction to detergent filter bag:

During the production process, the cleaning agent will produce particulate impurities, colloidal impurities and mechanical impurities. If not removed, the finished product will eventually become turbid and visible to the naked eye. Therefore, the internal impurities are usually removed by filtering. As a commonly used filtering product, the cleaning agent filter bag has preventive applications in cleaning agents, hydroxyl series products and other sulfonation and nitration products.

Thecleaning agent filter bagis used for filtering the cleaning agent. The temperature of the cleaning agent in the production process is generally normal temperature, the pH is 30% sulfuric acid, and the specific gravity is 1.5. Generally, PP non-woven fabric filter bag is used for such working conditions, because the PP material can well adapt to such working conditions.

During theproduction process of detergent filter bag, when the differential pressure reaches 1kg, the filter bag needs to be taken out for replacement or cleaning. It is recommended that the cleaning times should not exceed 1 time. The second use will affect the filter bag’s filtering accuracy and product quality.

The cleaning agent filter bags produced by SFFILTECH are connected by hot melting and sewing. The filter bags do not contain any redundant adhesives or additives in a responsible attitude for customers, and keep the original PP polypropylene material.

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