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Common filter materials for anti-static filter bags

March 17,2023

At present, anti-static filter bags mainly have two kinds of filter materials, which can effectively solve the problem of electrostatic adsorption. That is to use modified polyester and spun into metal fiber.

1. Use modified polyester

Through a series of chemical treatment, the hydrophobicity of polyester is changed to produce ions, which will leak the static charges accumulated on the anti-static filter bag and make the fiber and fabric have durable anti-static properties. Its antistatic mechanism is: in the process of co-spinning, the antistatic agent and polyester blend formed by mixing are evenly distributed, and a group of molecules in the state of microfiber in the antistatic agent are distributed along the fiber axis. Because of the connection between the microfibers, a moisture absorption and conductive channel from the inside to the outside is formed, and it is convenient to combine another group of hydrophilic genes to leak the static charge accumulated on the fiber to achieve the purpose of antistatic.

2. Spin into metal fiber

This anti-static filter bag is blended with chemical fiber and stainless steel fiber, because stainless steel fiber has good electrical conductivity and long-term anti-static performance after blending with chemical fiber. Stainless steel metal fiber has good electrical conductivity and is easy to blend with other fibers. It has good mechanical properties, flexibility, electrical conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, other chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics. Stainless steel metal fiber is used in the dust removal system of conductive dust such as pulverized coal and coke powder, which can reduce resistance, extend the service life of filter material and ensure the safe operation of dust collector. In addition to adding conductive fiber to the filter material of anti-static filter bag, some anti-static needled felt filter materials are also made of conductive base cloth, which can obtain the same use results.

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