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Difference between film covered and non film covered filter bags

July 29,2022

There are many material classifications of dust removal bags, which are divided into normal temperature, medium temperature and high temperature according to temperature; When we choose dust removal cloth bag, we should understand that the filter material ofTop 10 dust removal cloth bagshould be comprehensively considered according to the temperature, humidity, chemical characteristics, particle size, weight, shape, dust concentration, filtration speed, ash removal method, emission concentration, working system of bag filter and other factors.

What is a membrane filter bag?

The cloth bag of film covered dust collector is compounded with a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene film on the surface of the filter material of the ordinary dust removal cloth bag. The surface is smooth and resistant to various chemicals. It can play the role of water, oil and static electricity. This film plays the role of dust layer. Therefore, the dust removal cloth bag can get effective filtration effect in the early stage of use. The film covered structure is a unique three-dimensional mesh, which can effectively block the dust outside the dust removal bag, and there is no worry of pore blockage. The film covered dust removal cloth bag is more meticulous for dust filtration. Its service life is better than that of the ordinary dust removal cloth bag, both in the initial stage of dust filtration and in the process of use.

The cloth bag of the film covered dust collector has very good dust removal characteristics. The dust layer can be removed every time the dust is removed. The interior of the filter material will not cause blockage, and the porosity and mass density will not be changed. It can work under low pressure loss. When the operating pressure of a material is lost, the dust left or carried on the surface of the filter material after dust removal is directly taken from the center, and the dust removal time is long.

Performance characteristics of film covered dust collection bag:

1. Close to zero emission, it can meet the strictest environmental protection standards, and the dust removal efficiency of film coated dust removal cloth bag is high.

2. Good dust removal performance, which can provide higher ventilation, or the film covered dust removal bag can reduce the differential pressure.

3. Low voltage, high flux continuous operation.

4. The extension of filter bag life and the reduction of cleaning times reduce the equipment maintenance cost.

5. The reduction of investment and operation cost of film covered dust removal cloth bag enables users to produce better economic benefits.

6. The extension of the service life of the dust removal bag and the reduction of the cleaning times reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

What is an uncoated dust removal cloth bag?

Ordinary industrial dust removal cloth bags do not use film coated dust removal cloth bags. It relies on the surface of filter materials to establish a dust layer for effective filtration. The establishment of effective filtration takes a long time, has large resistance and low efficiency. No interception, large loss, high back blowing pressure through the box, complex dust removal, high self energy consumption, short service life, and large equipment area. When using membrane filter cloth, the dust cannot penetrate into the filter material, indicating that the surface is too thick and fine, and all the dust is deposited on the surface.

The difference between film covered and non-film covered dust removal cloth bags:

The non-film covereddust removal cloth bag at best pricecan filter ordinary dust. Film covered dust removal bag is based on the characteristics of dust, and the corresponding materials are coated on the filter bag. It can play a variety of purposes, such as high temperature resistance, explosion-proof, fire prevention, waterproof, oil prevention, etc., and plays a very important role in the wide application of bag type dust collectors. The film covered dust removal cloth bag has the advantages of good air permeability and water resistance, and is a new type of dust removal filter material. The film coated dust removal cloth bag uses the film coated technology to maintain the inherent high chemical stability, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, etc. of polytetrafluoroethylene, and can resist small particles.

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