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Different Operation of the Filter Can Change the Service Life of the Filter Cloth

January 28,2022

Today, let’s talk about the reasons why different operation of the filter can change the service life of the filter cloth?


  1. Strengthen technological innovation and measures of equipment. In order to solve the problems of large filter load and short service life of filter cloth, two sets of new filter equipment are added on the basis of the original equipment to ensure the long-term stable operation of gasifier. Adding two filters can reduce the load of a single filter and reduce faults. Backup according to specific operation conditions. The comparison of standby forms before and after filter transformation shows that the operation load of filter after transformation is equal to the design normal load. At the same time, the material of the filter cloth is further improved. The non-woven cloth is changed to 95 cloth or other materials to reduce shrinkage and folding. The connection form of the filter cloth joint is changed from fusion type to steel wire bonding type to reduce joint damage and cracking. In order to solve the problem of failure of the correction system, move the position of the correction switch to one side of the feeding port to prevent the correction switch from being corroded by mud for a long time and improve the reaction sensitivity. At the same time, add a spring on the correction pointer to compensate the shrinkage allowance of the filter cloth, and replace the correction pointer with a stainless steel rod


  1. Optimize the process flow. At present, the flushing water on the filter surface adopts the desalinated water battery limit. After the water is collected in the pit, it is pumped to the sedimentation tank by the pit. Water system entering the gasification unit. In order to stabilize the balance of the water system, reduce the overflow of the circulating water tank and solve the problem of slag accumulation in the filter, the flushing water of the filter is reformed to separate 2# and 3# wastewater from the demineralized water pipeline, and the stop valve at the end of the demineralized water pipeline is sealed. Continue to serve as the sealing water of the vacuum pump and the filtered water of the filter, and re lead the cut-off part of the wastewater pipeline to the second floor of the filter plant as the flushing water of the filter cloth, so as to reduce the consumption of demineralized water.


  1. Strengthen equipment inspection and daily maintenance, strictly implement the operating procedures of filtration device, and strengthen daily inspection and maintenance. Strengthen supervision and equipment inspection in daily production. If a problem is found, the root cause of the problem shall be accurately judged and further treatment shall be carried out after correct analysis of the cause. Blind operation is not allowed to expand the damage degree of the equipment. For the general condition of the filter, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and check all movements of the host during shutdown, and regularly check the looseness of joints and pipes.


  1. Attach importance to training and strengthen management. According to the actual situation of frequent changes in workshop personnel and a large proportion of new employees, regularly organize special training on common problems of filters, and conduct on-site actual operation and acceptance of the training effect. At the same time, further improve the workshop equipment management system, give reward points to teams and individuals with well maintained equipment, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to actively and carefully maintain equipment and the efforts of all employees, and prolong the operation cycle of equipment.


As a dynamic device, the filter will encounter many problems in actual production and operation. Solving these problems is the key to ensure the stable operation of GSP gasification unit. Through the implementation of the above series of measures, the problems of filter overload, short service life of filter cloth and high equipment failure rate are well alleviated, the requirements of black water clarification and treatment are basically met, and the high load, long-term and stable operation of gasification unit is ensured.


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